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(#1) Programming is like...


To be garbage collected player

Garbage collection is like if in basketball, coaches can substitute players by simply introducing the new player into play but the replaced player can remain on the court. You assume they won’t move or touch the ball or interfere with other players. And then every 5 minutes, the referees yell “FREEZE!” to check every player and sit out the ones that were substituted.

Active players

Troubleshooting Snap on Ubuntu Core


I got started with Ubuntu Core on the Raspberry Pi and I had some problems (nothing major) starting with snap on Ubuntu Core. Here are some quick resolutions:

  • is the snap daemon on? Restart the service with service snapd restart
  • errors installing snaps? Did you login? Do snap login

Multicast DNS on Ubuntu Core


Are you setting up a host with multicast DNS (mDNS) on Ubuntu Core?

There are some posts out there 1 2 3 about people trying to get mDNS on their Ubuntu Core. But avahi-daemon is now available as a snap for Ubuntu core.

Multicast DNS and Hostnames with Underscores


Are you setting up a host with multicast DNS (mDNS) but you can’t seem to reach it?

Are there underscores in your hostname?

avahi will discard underscores if they are present in the hostname.

my_host_name == myhostname

ping myhostname