condense and compress Twitch chat

Try it out!

Something doesn't look right?

How much does it cost?

It's free!

Is it open-source?

Absolutely! Check out the repository here.

Do you send usage reports or track where I go online?

No. We constrain the extension to only work on Twitch. There's no code that monitors and tracks your usage. Please feel free to explore the source code yourself!

I see a bug/issue. How can I report it to you?

You can submit an issue on GitHub or email me! nhat at nhatqbui dot com

How does it work?

compakt uses suffix arrays to compress messages.

Is this "sentence-compression"?

We are certainly compressing messages because we're reducing the length of a sentence while maintaining its meaning. However, the algorithms do not look at any semantics of the original message. When we reduce repeats to just one utterance, we just happen to retain the meaning because it's being uttered more than once.

Is this "data-compression"?

Yes but at a much more simplistic level. Advanced techniques of compression prioritize data-size (of course) which is extremely beneficial for storage and transfer but not for human-consumption. So from a data-compression perspective, we aim for an encoding scheme that is easily and quickly decoded by a human.

Guys can you please not spam the chat. My mom bought me this new laptop and it gets really hot when the chat is being spamed. Now my leg is starting to hurt because it is getting so hot. Please, if you don't want me to get burned, then dont spam the chat.

This will certainly make your laptop get hotter.

Let Twitch Chat be Twitch Chat.